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Speak Up Christians

English: President Barack Obama's signature on...

English: President Barack Obama’s signature on the health insurance reform bill at the White House, March 23, 2010. The President signed the bill with 22 different pens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hobby Lobby, the Christian owned and operated national hobbies retail chain, is suing the Federal government over its requirement under the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare) to provide and pay for contraceptives including the “morning after” pill. Among 27 organizations to file similar lawsuits so far, it is the largest private organization to do so. In essence their suit claims that the government cannot force it to provide and pay for services which result in the death of a baby in the womb, which is strictly against their religious beliefs. Read the full article here. http://ow.ly/dGsbu

For the record, I stand with Hobby Lobby, and so should you. But there is something more sinister happening here. It is not a new revelation that our current Presidential administration, under the direction of Barack Obama has sought to fund abortions in this country and around the world. These are facts. What I want to clearly point out is that it is not only a mistake to shrink back from taking a stand about which persons should be running our government, but to be silent on such matters is a shameful abdication of your charge as a Christian. We are supposed to be outspoken for Christ, His commandments and the precepts of the very Gospel He died for. And so with this new law in effect, we must speak out and bring about change.

This is a matter of life and death. When there is baby in the uterus and a woman takes the morning after pill, it murders the baby. Both public and private institutions will be forced by the government to only provide this “service” to its employees, but also to pay for it. The government is not supposed to pay for abortions, so the Obama administration has signed a bill (which no one read before voting for it) into law that forces us all to pay for it. If Hobby Lobby loses their lawsuit, in January when you shop there, some of your money (their revenues) will fund abortions.

What Christian who knows the word of God condones abortion? What Christian cannot put the pieces of this puzzle together and draw the simple conclusion that our elected officials are forcing us to commit murder. What Christian is not outraged that our very own government would force us by the law of our land to commit this crime. What Christian would stand idly by and allow a person to steal their money to be used for sinful purposes, or allow a person to force a loved one to have an abortion. My friends our government is doing just that. If you had a close family member who was contemplating abortion, what would you do? Would you stay silent? I hope not. I hope that you would lovingly present Jesus’ gospel of life to her and help her to find another way to deal with the pregnancy. I hope you would make it your business, or more importantly carry out God’s business on earth, and contend for the preservation of that one single life. What then is the difference between speaking to the close family member and the exercising of our constitutional right, and duty, to vote our conscience for the purpose of ensuring that our values and beliefs are institutionalized and upheld by the officials we elect.

Fortunately we do not have rise up in arms to stop this, we just have to press a button in the voting booth and care enough to encourage others to do the same. We need to speak up against this law and vote against anyone who supports it in November.

Always Right : Always Wrong

Abortion Rights banner

Abortion Rights banner (Photo credit: ge’shmally)

Why is there so much outrage over a “gender selective abortion” in our country? For those of you who are pro-abortion, an abortion isn’t actually committing murder, right? I mean if it were, you wouldn’t condone or advocate it because I know you’re not in favor murder. So if an abortion isn’t murder, and that thing in the uterus is just a blob of flesh, then it should make no difference whether that blob would have been a male or female. A mother (although she’s not really a mother, she is a woman with a blob in her belly) should be able to decide to eliminate the blob based on any reason; convenience, money, gender, you name it.

Using this logic, you can’t be pro-abortion but be outraged at gender selective abortions. You have unwittingly conceded your position. If we are going to scrutinize the reasons for having an abortion based on any logical, philisophical, moral or spiritual grounds, and conclude that it is ever wrong to commit abortion, then it is always wrong. Anyone, on either side who is expressing outrage over gender selective abortion is either conceding that is right some of the time, or conceding that it is wrong some of the time. Pick a side and stick to it; always right or always wrong.

Let me be clear. Life begins at conception. Abortion is murder. As Christians, we need not rationalize, stipulate or concede anything on this subject. Pro-abortion activists have an agenda when they agree with any element of a pro-life position. They want to convince us that they are a little more like us, and at the same time pull us into a position of compromise. If anyone asks you what you think about gender selective abortion you should say “All abortion is murder.” The fact that our country is fumbling around inside the margins on this issue is a disgrace and I pray that God forgives us.

Looking forward to your comments.

What is your “Fair Share”?

“Fair is fair.” “Give your fair share.” “Play fair.” These imperatives were a staple for most children growing up in the US. We were all taught as children, that we couldn’t play with the toy for the entire time; we had to be “fair” and share it with others. My children go to great lengths to make sure that TV time is evenly apportioned. When it comes to financially supporting the efforts of our government, what is my fair share?

Let’s do the math. Assume that there are 5 people (only five) in the United States. Here’s what they earned last year.

  1. $1 million
  2. $500K
  3. $100K
  4. $50K
  5. $0 (he’s out of work)

We’ll talk about how we spend later. For now, let’s think about how we tax these people? Here are a few options:

I. Tax evenly – let’s say 10%.

  1. $1M * 10% = $100K
  2. $500K * 10% = $50K
  3. $100K * 10% = $10K
  4. $50K * 10% = $5K
  5. $0 * 10% = $0

total revenue = $165,000.

II. Tax at a progressive rate.

  1. $1M * 12% = $120K
  2. $500K * 9% = $45K
  3. $100K * 6* = $6K
  4. $50K * 3% = $1500
  5. $0 * 3% = $0

total tax revenue $172,500.

III. Tax at a progressive or even rate, but exonerate certain groups because of their low-income. The numbers might look a lot like example II. This is how our system works today.

The question of fairness boils down to how you look at it. There are initially two perspectives. How much are you paying or how much are you keeping. If you are wealthy you probably see the former, “I paid $120,000 while the bottom guy paid nothing, even though he was working.” And if you are poor or middle class you probably focus on the latter. “I only made $50K, sure I didn’t pay anything but that rich guy kept $820,000 to play with, he can afford it, I can’t.” Both views make perfect sense. I have been on both sides of the fence and completely get it.

Our society should continue to promote the importance of market determined value of what we do, so I propose a third view on how to tax. Let us consider value, not the value of the money but the value of our time. I believe that most Americans work very hard at their job. The construction worker and the plumber crank it out all day sometimes six days a week. The corporate executive does the same, and while less physical, the demands are just as onerous, time consuming and stressful. The business owner has to wake up every day and succeed or fail by her decisions. Most of us are working hard.

I propose that we all agree that we will give to the government an equal percentage of our time out of the year. This is a flat tax position, but a fair share of our working time in a year is a clear value set.

I say we all give 6 weeks of pay from work to the government. That’s it. No more no less.

Sound fair?

Why I am “Un-evolved”

After this week’s announcement from President Obama that he has evolved his position on gay marriage, I thought of a few questions.

  1. What new information did you discover that helped you evolve?
  2. Was this a culmination of a series of revelations or was there one particular discovery that changed your mind?
  3. Generally, what would constitute an absolute truth in your mind?

The reality is that our President has demonstrated that what is absolutely true to him one day, can the next day (in this case the very next day) be absolutely not true. He might argue that this particular belief was never absolutely true, which would be fair. But then, we are left wondering what is absolutely true to him.

When evaluating the character of a person, knowing where he or she will draw the line is mandatory. It is this basis on which others will earn his trust. It is the bedrock of every relationship. Further, we want to be confident that absolute truths in a person’s life will be explored and understood more deeply, but not exchanged for other absolute truths with whimsy. Most importantly we know we can trust a person who is submitted to a truth which is dictated by a higher power, because God isn’t prone to change His mind.

I have decided that I have evolved to the place where I am decidedly “un-evolved”. I am submitted to the truth of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as it has been revealed through His Word and His son Jesus Christ. I understand that the reader may not believe in my God, but rest assured that you can trust my faith. I am un-evolved in that I haven’t had to figure anything out, collect any data, perform any analysis or draw any conclusions. If God’s Word says it is so, then it is and I humbly, and joyfully defer to this truth.

I want to vote for a person who is submitted to a higher power and whose truth will be expressed through positions and decisions, not who will exchange a belief in the hope of achieving some other expedient end.

So here is my message to everyone who wants my vote, make up your mind and then stick to your position. Help me to trust you.


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